Apple Watching, Episode 1

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Bloomberg News (via Ars Technica & Daring Fireball): Intel Opens $300 Million Fund to Back ‘Ultrabook’ Laptop Push. Intel Corp., the world’s largest chipmaker, said it will invest as much as $300 million to back the development of technology to speed up the introduction of notebook computers it’s calling “ultrabooks”… …Intel is trying to fire… Read more »

Kiosks, Human Factors & Development Hassles

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Prelude Do this for me. Take your iPad or whatever iPad knockoff you’ve picked up at the local flea market, and just go ahead and duct tape it to your wall, about level with your forehead. Make sure it’s on good and tight. That’s it, just duct tape that right on. Now, stand in front of… Read more »

Wire Your Widgets

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Once upon a time, I worked for the Mac group at a certain very large Seattle-area company. Our main product was … an office productivity suite. I was reviewing one of the most detailed product specs I had ever encountered. It covered jamming a lightweight but feature-complete project management tool into an existing email client…. Read more »

Mindmapping as Persuasion

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In early 2009, $theAgency was asked to come up with a campaign to promote a mobile carrier’s leadership on the Android platform. The creative brief, in part, touched on the idea of getting the client’s message in front of known influencers in the tech community. I proposed that $theClient, in partnership with the Google Android… Read more »